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Online Roulette Isn’t Random

One of the most prevalent Online-vedonlyönti myths circulating in the gambling industry is that there is a bias towards certain numbers when playing roulette. In recent years this fallacy has become more prominent thanks to online casino players looking for some reason why they haven’t made a profit.

One of the most basic mistakes people who assume this make is that each spin influences another. Thus, they use this logic to wrongly assume that if a succession of high numbers has come out during a session of roulette, then it’s more likely that a low number will occur in the near future.

In some way this seems like a reasonable assertion, however, each spin of the roulette wheel – especially at a casino online – is independent of the previous and so the chances of one number being more likely than another is impossible. Indeed, online casino sites such as Unibet use a random number generator to control their games. Such pieces of software are extensively tested, verified and audited by third-party companies. With certification from these companies, online casinos aren’t granted a license and cannot operate.

Thus, just because it seems like it might be more likely that a number will hit, in reality that’s not the case. Roulette, and in particular online roulette, is completely random and so any numerical patterns are either false patterns or faults in the system.

Therefore, the next time you sit down at a roulette table be very careful not to let suspicion and illogical thinking influence your decisions. Indeed, letting this happen will only cost you money in the long run.

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