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The History of Poker

There are many conflicting accounts of how poker, now the most popular game in the world, developed into the game that we know today. Many people claim that some poker games claim their roots from a Chinese Emperor at the end of the 9th century, although others credit it with the Egyptians and Persians of the middle of the second millennium.

What is universally agreed is that the game today, whether played on home tables or on The modern home of poker games, websites like Sky Poker, probably originated from the 17th and 18th centuries, or at least that the word does. A French game named “Poque” and a German game of similar origins developed from an earlier Spanish game called “Primero”. Although card set ups were very different, the popular theme of bluffing was prominent in both games, and Primero, dating back officially to 1526 is the first confirmed game related to modern poker.

It was the French who spread the game to North America, where it took root and eventually came back over the Atlantic many centuries later. French Canadian settlers in the New Orleans area are believed to have spread the game through the Mississippi River delta and then out to the wider world.

References to poker’s popularity are first found in 1834 when Jonathan Green mentioned it in a book about a game being played on Mississippi riverboats. The problem for gamblers are the time was previous card games were notoriously rigged, and the new game of poker was believed to be much more of a challenge, and much more skill-based, than previous games.

The most popular variations of poker started to appear during the American Civil War, when games were played by both sides all over the country. Legislation deeming certain types of poker to be a skill-based, rather than a gambling-based, game followed, helping certain variations – notably 5 Card Draw – to outstrip the rest.

However, the most famous version of the game, and the most popular today, comes from World Series Poker back in the 1970s when Texas Hold’em was chosen as the headline game, since then, Texas Hold’em, and poker as a whole, has never looked back.

Poker Game History