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Types of Slot Machines

Slot Game MachineSlot machines are of different types but the working principle of all the machines is the same and they function according to that principle. There are mainly two types of slot machines one is the straight slot and the other is the progressive slot. But there are many more kinds of these machines as well.

1. Straight slot

This machine pays off by using the rules and regulations that are mentioned on the machine. For example it is written that two coins will be paid for one cherry. And two cherries will pay out five coins. In the same way three cherries will pay ten coins. There are further four kinds of straight slots depending upon the schedule of their payment.

• Multiplier slot

In this type of machines the number of coins keeps on multiplying. For example if you get five coins for one cherry when you play a single coin then you must have ten coins for the other coin which is played next time and fifteen coins for the next one and so on. You cannot have the advantage of the maximum coins that you play.

• Multiple pay line

It depends upon the number of coins that how much lines will be paid on by the machine. The middle line is paid by one coin. If you do hit that combination that has not been activated on the line then there will be nothing that you can win. The second coin is used to pay the first line and the third coin is used to pay for the last line. Similarly the fourth and fifth coins will pay the diagonals. You have also to read the rules written on the machine that how many lines you can play and win slots online – all you favorite titles from Euro Grand Casino.

• Bonus multiplier

The machine works as a multiplier. It also offers you a bonus when you play a maximum number of coins. When you play the coins that are extra then it will be double than that of played on a double coin machine or it will be triple than that of a machine of three coins. But it is always advised to first read the machine carefully.

• Buy a pay slot machine

While playing on these machines you have to press the help button and read the instructions given on the machine. By reading all that you will be able to know how to get a jackpot on each coin that you play. You can win small amounts by playing only one or two coins. But if hat a jackpot but you have only played two coins then there is nothing that you can win. For this you have to play a maximum amount of coins.

2. Progressive slot

The second type of the slot machine is the progressive slot. Every time you play a coin the slots remain to increase. The amount returns to its start when a jackpot is hit. The standard for payoff is also mentioned on the machine and the jackpot keeps on increasing with the number of coins played.